2015 Sucker Gigging Video

Sucker Gigging Califon NJ  – 2/21/2015
I rounded up my bunch of Califon buddies…. I refer to them as the Califon Sucker Gigging Gang, to hit the ice on Saturday February 21st 2015. Eric Hildebrandt & myself conversed throughout the week, debating whether the ice would be thick enough or not to gig suckers on. He went down on Friday & tested the ice & told me it was a little thin, but should be good enough to have a go at it on Saturday morning.
Now ever since the article I wrote and had published in Fur-Fish-Game Magazine in the December of 2014 issue, it certainly spiked a ton of interest in Sucker Gigging in Califon. I posted an ad on Facebook stating that we were going to give it a shot on 2/21/2015, and the response was overwhelming! Guys wanted to come from New York, Pennsylvania & even Conneticut to try their hand at this! As the week went along, we decided to cancel the Califon Sucker Gigging Adventure as I was very concerned about too many guys on thinner-than-usual ice. I wasn`t overly concerned about the Gang takin` a dip through the ice, as they`re a pretty rough bunch of hell-raisers. I was concerned about an “outsider” fallin` in and gettin` hurt and that is why we cancelled on Friday night. In the meantime, I contacted the regulars via text and set it up for Saturday.
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Here is the Video of our Sucker Gigging Adventure on that snowy Saturday.
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Legendary Sucker Giggin` in Califon New Jersey!