Sucker Gigging! The Legendary Califon Sucker Gigging!

Let`s go Sucker Gigging!

The Legendary Califon Sucker Gigging!

“Sucker Gigging”……… bet you never heard of it right? Well I grew up in Califon & learned this from older generations as I grew up. My Dad, Grandfather & Uncle all did this.

Sucker Gigging is absolutely legal to do, as long as it is through the ice. *From the NJDEP Department of Fish & Game; Beam - Giggin Suckers- 1-25-2014

Basically you need about 10-12 guys(gals?) and you line up say six “Drivers” at one end of the river with baseball bats in their hands. The “Giggers” cut five or six holes in the ice & the Drivers walk towards the Giggers beating their bats on the ice. The sound pushes to suckers towards the Giggers, who in turn hook them as they swim by their holes cut through the ice.

The Suckers are then cleaned & soaked in a brine for 24 hours then are smoked for 7 hours.

They are absolutely excellent tasting!

Thanks for checkin` it out!

Ken BeamKen Beam - Giggin Suckers- -1-25-2014
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Legendary Sucker Giggin` in Califon New Jersey!